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Artist statement: Linda Rostedt When I enter my workroom, filled with tools, raw materials and drawn design notes, I'm filled with wonder that I can create such beautiful jewelry. I'm thrilled with the anticipation of matching a sheet of sterling silver with varying wire thicknesses with several precious stones: usually it works out! There's no cookbook with right and wrong ways of designing my work. I just feel that a certain stone will look inspiring with a certain bend of the wire and shaping of the sterling sheets. Often, I need to substitue several stones until the idea clicks in my head. The stones I use start as slabs of stone. Think of a slice of steak. Then I cut an approximate size and grind it until it fits its destination on the ring, pendant or bracelet. The tools I use are amazing. Silversmiths who have preceded me have had to face the same creation process as I and have created the tools to make the metal and stone yield to my will. This process needs acceptance of the use of an acetylene torch (with its inherent risk), grinders, buffers, drills, presses, all posing risks. Finally, this creation needs to be "dressed up" in an attractive, well lit showcase. I know my artistic journey with this new creation is unfulfilled until it's placed in the custody of a delighted new owner (customer).

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